In harmony with nature:Paper Lids From Haso

HasoLid: Modernity meets tradition for a sustainable solution.


Introducing the world’s first paper lid for paper cups

Every year over, 16 billion paper cups are consumed world-wide. If each cup comes with a polystyrene lid, that would be 43’000 tonnes of plastic waste.

We have embarked on a mission to eliminate this waste from the environment.


HasoLid goes all the way

Because making a lid out of paper is simply not good enough, Haso Ltd. has chosen suppliers who can guarantee that the paperboard used is from sustainable forestry.

The thin coating on the lid that ensures freshness and conservation of the beverage can also be a compostable and carbon-neutral bio-polymer.


A perfect fit. Every time

Because we care about the consumer’s experience and the trust they put into our lids, we make sure each one performs flawlessly.

Regardless of the cup size, we have a HasoLid that fits perfectly.

Simply better in every way.
Tight Seal

Precision manufacturing ensures that the seal between HasoLid and the cup is always tight. The high outer border and lid top can be printed with any picture and in any colour.

Transparent Window

HasoLid is the only beverage cup lid with a transparent window. Finally, you can see what’s in your cup without having to guess.

Ease of use

The peel-back tab allows for easy opening and closing of the lid mouthpiece. The opening can be used to insert a straw or to sip from directly. HasoLid works with both cold or hot beverages.


cup_1 Robust & durable

HasoLid keeps the liquid inside for longer. Because the material construction is identical to that of the cup, both will expand and contract at the same rate, ensuring your coffe or soda stays where it should be. Inside the cup

cup_2 Safer than a plastic lid

HasoLid Performs much better than plastic on standard industry drop-tests. In fact, it beats almost every plastic lid on the market today. No more burned nether regions if you get clumsy with your coffee.

cup_3 Responsible drinking

Responsible drinking is also about making sure every coffee you take out doesn’t impact the environment in ways it shouldn’t. HasoLid gives you the confidence that not only your entire packaging can be recycled in the same way, but you will have prevented the extraction of non-renewable resources from the ground and improved your own carbon footprint.