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Simplicity & TechnologyThe Art Of Zen

The design of HasoLid is both surprisingly complex and simple. In keeping with Japanese tradition, Haso has sought to eliminate everything that is not essential. Eliminating the use of non-renewable resources in disposable products is one of the main achievements of the lid, and the simple design its main strength, delivering an experience that is always flawlessly satisfying.

Protecting the environment in
more ways than one

HasoLid has the potential of eliminating 43’000 tonnes of polystyrene waste from our environment. HasoLid is also manufactured from pulp originating from sustainable forestry. No insecticides, pesticides, or chemical fertilisers are used in forestry and every tree that we plant after harvest will provide us with years of CO2 absorption through photosynthesis. Using paper will always be a better solution to oil-based polymers.

Everything your plastic lid can do,
HasoLid can do better

  • Recyclable
  • Reduces CO2
  • Printable
  • Compostable*
  • Looks Cool
Plastic Lid

* With the introduction of bio-polymers in version 2.0

Technical data

Our lids come in the habitual sizes of 6, 12, 16, 20 oz, and can be custom designed for your own needs.


If you have a direct association with the coffee & beverage business either as a fast food chain, or coffee shop chain and you would like to evaluate the HasoLid, email your contact information to us and we’ll send you a 10-lid sample kit.